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909PM | Barnes & Noble, Aliso Viejo

Finally, all the documents that needed to be filed in court are almost ready. It just needs to be packaged and by tomorrow morning it should be ready for printing. That poses the next set of challenges. There is no budget for copying, which requires some sort of foraging operation. And most likely, it will include some form of begging – a job that is comparable to a “Someone’s Got To Do It” endeavor, except that it feels a lot more grimier.

A “Motion For Summary Judgment” was filed by Staples Inc. calendared for January 8, 2015 . We are preempting it by filing a “First Amended Complaint.” We have to ask the court’s leave to do so. However, to make sure that neither parties are prejudiced, we are filing an Ex Parte Application to give Staples Inc. a chance to amend their motion. Trial for that case has already been set for February 9, 2014.

We wanted to give our readers a feel for what it is like to be in a paper war. Here’s the work pipeline screen grabbed from our Microsoft OneDrive. It is a lot longer than what we are showing. However, we did not want to telegraph our intentions to our current and future opposition.



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