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LIVE POSTS | Appeal Accepted

531PM | Barnes & Noble, Aliso Viejo

The email that we were waiting for have finally arrived.

Last week a “Notice of Appeal” was filed after the court ruled unfavorably on our “Motion Directing Public Entities To Provide Resources At Public Cost.” We were asking for litigation specific resources for our cases. The motion was directed towards defendant The Count of Orange, whom by statutes (CA Welfare & Institutions Code Section 17000) are also required to care for the needy and the indigents. We argued in our motion that because they were defendants, they had neither the incentive nor the desire to assist us in our case. We brought it to court seeking the court’s considerable powers to equalize the playing field.

We interpret Judge Nakamura’s ruling as seeking guidance from the higher courts, herein quoted:

“Motion for Public Entities to Provide Services on Fee Waiver is Denied.

Plaintiff Lacambra’s motion to compel public entities to provide services on fee waiver is DENIED because no relevant case law, statute or other authority supports the relief requested except as specifically authorized pursuant to Gov’t Code 68631, et seq. and Rules of Court 3.50 to 3.59.”

After a tense few days, an email from Ms. LeSage of the California Court of Appeals was received this afternoon informing us that the appeal was issued a case number (#G050873). We were initially concerned because the paperwork did not have a residential address, only an email. So, in our opening brief, we’ll certainly insert the events of this morning – the lack of resources that led to the cancellation/objection of today’s deposition in Los Angeles.



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