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Leave it to Charles Barkley to make an astute observation about political life in these great United States.

There isn’t a country on earth that entertains its populace better than America. The phrase “rabid fans” hardly describes the sea of people that descend upon the many venues of competition every weekend to cheer on their teams. The choices of entertainment are endless. There’s Motorsports, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, MMA to name a few. The reasons for people donning their favorite team’s colors are as diverse as there teams in America.

To some it is therapy, a way of self-medication that takes them away from their life’s travails. It is a known fact that box office receipts usually rise during tough economic times, as it provides a safe escape from reality. It may not be so much these days because of home entertainment systems and the internet that streams content and people are entertained in the comforts of their homes or offices. Nowadays, therapy of the form comes in the way of an appliance within range of Wifi connection.

Like all the other sports, politics in America has become a highly evolved form of entertainment with professional pundits and commentators exchanging sound bites. The very structure that touts dissipation of concentrated power through checks and balances turns out to be a convenient escape when needed. The operational definition of non-bipartisan can be said to mean an excuse for a stalemate and political ineffectiveness. A crisis turns out to be an opportunity to allocate money for something that Americans wouldn’t normally approve without deeper reflection as we’ve seen with the flash in the pan Ebola Crisis. Congress, which holds the treasury purse strings appears constantly outmaneuvered as the national debt and unfunded liabilities only continues to grow unabated by the day.

In all fairness, it is not only the Democrats who are the culprits in all this. If every Democrat they voted for went to occupy office, then perhaps that can be said. Unfortunately, Republicans and even Independents have emerged as winners in elections, as well. In fact, this new congress will see both the House and Senate have GOP majorities, inheriting a freight train for spending habit. It remains to be seen whether that trend will continue. It will be a challenge to simply rein in the runaway spending now in full rage. How bad has it been? Consider that the Obama Administration has amassed more debt than all previous administrations combined. That’s another way of saying, we as a nation are getting poorer. With that, we can rightly amend what Charles Barkley said to include all those in office, past and present and a system that really pretends that it exists to serve the people.



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