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MEMORIAL DAY ’15 | Marcus Luttrell



The best of all humor comes from a place of extreme adversity and depravity, of inhumane hardships and pain – places where sanity hinges on an equalizing dose of temporary nirvana. Laughter very easily makes the top of that list of experiences with curative properties. When you see an individual who has gone mad laughing without an apparent stimulus, it is perhaps because a miniscule portion of that person’s functional self is seeking to medicate itself, to escape the prison dungeon that could envelop the mind.

“War is hell,” it was once said. Whoever first coined that phrase must have escaped Earth as we know it, departing from civility and its comforts to meet with the unspeakable. Imagine the plight of a warrior who finds himself at his wit’s end, his body all shot up to hell and within moments of complete and utter failure. For safety, he has many miles yet to go and there is nobody left to call for help. They are all dead.

Meet Marcus Luttrell, a retired US Navy SEAL whose four-man team were inserted into Afghanistan in 2005 to hunt down a high value target identified as Ahmad Shah. As it was later reported, they met with a numerically superior force of Taliban fighters. In the ensuing firefight, all the members of his team where lost. He was the only exception.

As a way to memorialize the men who offered their lives that day, he spoke about the impossible mission that defines what it means to be a “meat eater,” SEAL parlance for an extraordinary operator. He does so with a rare kind of irreverence, reserved only for those who were actually there to tell the story first hand. We are pleased to see that he is able to share his inspiring story with such refreshing humor. We suppose that in life we are all healing from something. Some only require more healing than others.

Thank you to all our courageous men and women who’ve worn our uniform and stood guard.



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