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They go to war for our nation, to defend the values that we hold dear only to return and learn that their sacrifices are given lip service. There are medals awarded and other accolades bestowed, the easiest of all things to do in a long list of obligations that amount to mending unseen injuries and hurts. On any given day 18-22 of our returning veterans from foreign wars take their own lives.

We ask so much of them. In service to the public, they push the limits of physical and psychological endurance, reassured by those in command that if they break someone will care for them. We are now discovering that those are empty promises, a scandal reaching the highest places in government with grievances falling on deaf ears. Much more, the government’s inability to resolve those grievances potentially endanger each and every American.

The killings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge were shocking for its deadly efficiency. A recent massacre of people trapped in an Orlando nightclub appeared more like a violent video game, where a player in some darkened dungeon dispatches unarmed targets on the screen. That contrasts markedly with the shooting of police officers trained to meet such challenges and fitted with body armor.

We cannot have anymore of our warriors reaching breaking point, only to unleash their deadly occupation on our first responders, much less helpless civilians. The rule is: You break them, you fix them. The government has to take immediate steps to solve those war-related issues they are having difficulties grappling with. It is their sacred obligation to those who wear our country’s uniform.

To show the complexity of this problem, here’s something interesting. In the Baton Rouge shooting, the black versus police narrative was turned somewhat upside down. As events will have it, one of the officers killed in Baton Rouge was African-American. It tends to show that the peripheral issues surrounding the murders are numerous and complex. Another government study, which will take infinity to produce and will prove biased in favor of government, is the last thing we need. We need people on the ground who will make tough decisions, unafraid to make mistakes. Doing nothing is not an option. What we are currently seeing is a group of do nothings pretending that they are actually doing something.